Facebook- Good or Bad for Society

I came across this link and I thought that it would be a great topic to bring up for discussion. As I am sure everyone has a social network they use and the most popular one is Facebook. I don’t have Facebook and personally I am not a big fan of it. I think that even though it may be useful it is causing many conflicts within the community and the world. The thing that most bothers me is the act that nobody knows how to talk to each other face to face anymore. This is why in my opinion it is bad because especially the young generation now they isolate themselves and use only social media to communicate. Parents are not communicating as much with the younger generations which is not allowing the parents to know the issues that are going on with this person. This is how some end up being bullied and then the story become big, just as we have seen on the news. However Facebook is also very useful. Without it people would not be able to know what is going on around the world, like the issues in the countries and telling the world the issues that are happening and how one may be able to help. I have never been a an of social online network fans but I think that it is what everyone is using these days to communicate. The question is does Facebook do us good or bad. Weren’t we fine before it all came out or are we better now that all these social networks are out. It’s up to you to decide. 



2 thoughts on “Facebook- Good or Bad for Society

  1. tikush

    I completely agree with you on the point that these days it’s very rare to see people, especially younger generations, interacting with each other face to face. As if we do not need the meet anymore to share something with each other, something that bothers us, emotions or news that we heard. I do have a Facebook account, and very often I just see people posting how they feel on their wall, and their friends comment on their post. I disagree with this type of usage of Facebook, or any other social network, however, I would not say that a social network has only negative effects on our lives and interaction patterns.
    I guess, it all depends how one uses a social network. I believe that it can have negative, as well as positive effects, on a person. I think that the most important thing in using a social network is knowing a balance between your online and face to face interactions. Generally, knowing your limits is helpful not only in using a social network, but as well in a lot of other life behaviours.

  2. nadineolafsson

    Personally, I could live just fine without facebook. However, both for me and others it makes it easier to comunicate with friends that live in other parts of the world. The bottom line is, facebook is out now, and just as myspace and MSN it will die off soon enough and be replaced by something new. Many people are on Facebook when they have nothing better to do. It is not going to stop them from interacting with their friends face-to-face. I can guarantee you that if you give those kids a choice between chatting with each other on facebook and going to the movies, or playing ice hockey, or anything else, they will not choose facebook. I understand that cyberbullying is a big issue these days, but then again, I think that the social medias’ influence on the youth is greatly overestimated.


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